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The Chasin Racing website is undergoing a major facelift.


It’s hard to believe it is 2019 already. Chasin Racing is gearing up for a fun year of going to different tracks and just relaxing a little. The off-season has been an eventful one. From taking care of elderly parents, to a trip to the Gateway Nationals to last nights news of my son David getting engaged.

So with all of this where do we go from here. Well for starters I have picked up a sand blast cabinet, powder coating gun and a small oven. If you have parts that need to be cleaned of paint, rust, gunk get a hold of us. We will be updating the correct page soon with details. text 763.528.3769 and I will get back to you.

11.25.18: We have added new content to the Chasin Racing Products and Nice Breeze Products pages.

As we move forward with the end of 2018 there will be more items for sale. Our race inventory is being checked and we will be selling items that we no longer are using.

At this time racing is not our focus as ailing parents are taking much of our time. The race operation will probably be sold off piece by piece. If the opportunity arises in the future we will jump back in with both feet. Just know the passion and love for dirt track racing is still there.

9/6/18: Please be patient with us as we move forward with updating the website with new and exciting content.  We have added our 3rd podcast below.  As we make changes please provide feedback as to how we can make this bigger and better.

Click on the Nice Breeze Products and Chasin Racing Products tabs. We are offering our different  products and links on these pages.

Listen and please provide feedback as to what you would like to hear at:

Episode # 3 Chasin Racing Podcast

Episode # 2 Chasin Racing Podcast

Episode #1 Chasin Racing Podcast

Below is a video of the not so good part of the 2015 season. Last race I had a driver come up in front of me and I got him into the fence. Not one of my better moments.