For immediate release: Mike Neis Racing has changed it’s name to Chasin Racing. Our new web site is www.ChasinRacing.com. Stop by often to see the new and excited changes coming here.

Happy New Year: This is going to be a great year, we at Chasin Racing our very excited to begin our new journey. Where ever it is going to take us we will welcome it with open arms. I’ve added the first 2 podcasts that were produced. Listen and please provide feedback as to what you would like to hear. ChasinRacing1N1@gmail.com

Episode # 2 Chasin Racing Podcast

Episode #1 Chasin Racing Podcast

Below is a video of the not so good part of the 2015 season. Last race I had a driver come up in front of me and I got him into the fence. Not one of my better moments.